Al Hosn

Don’t Share Your Al Hosn Green Passes Online, Authorities Warn


Are you sharing your Al Hosn green passes on social media? If so, stop now! Authorities are warning that you could be sharing sensitive information that could be misused.

The Al Hosn app is the UAE’s official app for all things COVID-19-related. It provides residents with up-to-date information on the pandemic and allows them to self-report symptoms and book appointments for testing.

While it’s great that people are using the app to stay informed and help protect their community, sharing green passes online is not recommended. Here’s why:

  1. Your green pass contains sensitive personal information
  2. There is no need to share your green pass online – it’s for your own reference
  3. Sharing your green pass could lead to identity theft or fraud

Al Hosn Users, Be Careful!

The data in the app- including your full name, Emirates ID number, passport number, and date of birth- could be misused by impersonators or hackers.

Why is this information being shared in the first place? The app was created to showcase residents’ passes, but it’s a gold mine of information for criminals.

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